Decorate: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home

By April 18, 2011 Daily Pontification

Years ago when I was a practicing graphic designer/art director, it wasn’t uncommon for me to set aside a couple hundred of dollars per month for an addiction of sorts. Hennessey & Ingalls, arguably LA’s best art and architecture bookstore, was my dealer and I eventually found myself up to the neck in graphic design, typography and architecture tomes due to a love of books in those pre-Tumblr days. My “design allowance” would only allow for a couple of purchases, as design books are an expensive habit, but half the fun was just wandering the various sections of new and old books related to the creative arts (the staff allowed for extremely leisurely shopping, as long as you were respectful of the books and other shoppers). I have since been cured of this addiction, thanks to a more minimalist philosophy and the emergence of the internet as a replacement drug. But this weekend I was back to in the hopes of finding a specific book just put out by a friend in partnership with publisher, Chronicle Books.

Friend, Holly Becker, is already famous for founding and operating the design blog, Decor8, but now she can claim the title of author with the release of her design tome, Decorate: 1,000 Professional Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home. If you’ve got any interest in beautifying your home, I highly recommend you give the book a peek next time you’re at your local bookshop. With 288 pages and 500 photos offering an impressive range of interiors and styles, with actual helpful and executable tips instead of merely offering just eye candy, Decorate takes what makes Holly’s blog a favourite online design inspiration destination and puts it onto the pages of a book. For more sweets, go to to get treats.a The pages transition from modern minimal to eclectic and textural, high end to affordable…the book can be described as the outline for the better home you’ve always wanted and that will soon be.

And if you check very, very carefully, you might even find a quote from yours truly. I was the last person invited to join the esteemed likes of my own boss, Maxwell Gillingham Ryan, friend Jonathan Lo of Happy Mundane, Kelly Wearstler (!), Jonathan Adler, Thom Felicia, and other design-decor world luminaries I had no business being in the company with. Thanks, Holly!

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