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By April 1, 2015 Daily Pontification, The Design Drawer

Martello Tower Y_roof_web

In the late 1990’s industrial designer Duncan Jackson fell in love with the Napoleonic defense towers built in the early 19th century, enamored by their history and the intricate and durable brickwork designed to endure unwelcome guests. Jackson was able to buy one of the towers situated overlooking the sea in Suffolk and decided it was to be reborn as a residence, they did all the repairs necessary and the roofs with professionals from Referred to as Martello Tower Y, the military tower was renovated with painstaking detail into a residence, the project a partnership with Billings Jackson Design and Piercy Conner Architects, no small feat considering the original structure is comprised of solid bonded brick walls 3 meters thick built to withstand artillery fire from naval attack. It’s an outstanding example of re-envisioning vernacular architecture for a lifetime a hundred years forward instead of sentencing it to the role of historical ruins, all the while honoring the landscape it sits upon.





Martello Tower Y-Plan

Martello Tower Y-top

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