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Daily Pontification

Carsten Nicolai Bausatz Noto Limited Edition 10 LP Set

By On August 14, 2015

Wow [happening upon this 10-record set]. Whoa! [noting the price]. Sometimes it’s best to appreciate a design simply for the appreciation it exists. I believe this is such a case, with only… Read More

The Design Drawer

The Planetary Paintings of Stella Maria Baer

By On June 16, 2015

Stella Maria Baer‘s paintings of celestial bodies exert an undeniable gravitational pull, each watercolor hinting at an opportune coffee stain abstraction envisioned into something more astronomical. Each of her paintings are an… Read More

Martello Tower Y_roof_web
Daily Pontification

In Defense of Architecture

By On April 1, 2015

In the late 1990’s industrial designer Duncan Jackson fell in love with the Napoleonic defense towers built in the early 19th century, enamored by their history and the intricate and durable brickwork… Read More

The Design Drawer

At Home With Vacation Days

By On January 24, 2014

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Perfectly Palm Springs
The Design Drawer

Perfectly Palm Springs: Modernism Week 2013

By On February 13, 2013

I’m joining an amazing team of Instagram-loving bloggers this weekend in Palm Springs for Modernism Week, including Alissa Walker (Dwell, Fast Company, GOOD, Wired), Angela Elias of CasaSugar, Bobby Solomon of The… Read More

Daily Pontification

Another Dimension: Paper Infographics by Pattern Matters

By On May 2, 2012

Singapore design team, Pattern Matters, just upped the ante in the realm of infographics with these dimensional pieces carefully crafted using Adobe Illustrator to plan things out and good ole construction paper,… Read More

Daily Pontification

A Hiker’s Dream Rug

By On March 23, 2012

The Angela Adams Forest Floor Treasure Tapestry is absolutely wild, a surreal spillage of colour and shapes inspired both by the forest and ocean floor. Love it.… Read More

GCH 2012-02-22 at 1.24.07 AM
Daily Pontification

Ten of Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

By On February 22, 2012

A year of quotes matched to photography: 365 Quotes by Julian Bialowas… Read More

Daily Pontification

A Man of All Ages: Paul Revere Williams

By On February 12, 2012

“California represented an acceptance of both him, as an African-American and his work. Maybe Southern California was the only place he could have achieved all this.” -Robert Timme, dean of the USC… Read More

Daily Pontification

Smoke Tissue Boxes for W-Works

By On January 25, 2012

Holy smokes, this packaging design (Smoke Tissue Boxes) by Je Sung Park for W-Works is awfully clever, both from a visual perspective and also considering how nicely they stack and interlock together.… Read More