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Daily Pontification

The Absolutely Ridiculous Hunt for the Best Brush & Dustpan For Cat Litter Clean Up Duty

By On May 31, 2017

A few months ago I pulled the trigger and purchased the Rig-Tig dustpan by Stelton on sale. It’s sole purpose: to keep our sole bathroom floor tidy of cat litter, a common… Read More

Daily Pontification

The Wondrous Woodwork Yen Jui-Lin

By On August 3, 2016

Yen Jui-Lin is a wood-making artist from Taiwan with that keen eye for what makes a dead piece of wood seem alive. Wondrous!… Read More

Daily Pontification

Living, Brutally Honest: Ricardo Bofill’s La Fábrica

By On November 23, 2015

Ricardo Bofill’s La Fábrica is Brutalist architecture of the highest magnitude, a salvaged industrial space turned into a cathedral of the aesthetic. The space is uncompromising in its beauty, with window views… Read More

Daily Pontification

A Glassell Park Dream Home: The LA Domestead Hits the Market

By On September 22, 2015

Earlier this year Emily and I made way up into the hills of the 90065 (Glassell Park) to meet with artist, designer, and activist Fritz Haeg about becoming on-site caretakers of his… Read More

Daily Pontification

Carsten Nicolai Bausatz Noto Limited Edition 10 LP Set

By On August 14, 2015

Wow [happening upon this 10-record set]. Whoa! [noting the price]. Sometimes it’s best to appreciate a design simply for the appreciation it exists. I believe this is such a case, with only… Read More

The Design Drawer

The Planetary Paintings of Stella Maria Baer

By On June 16, 2015

Stella Maria Baer‘s paintings of celestial bodies exert an undeniable gravitational pull, each watercolor hinting at an opportune coffee stain abstraction envisioned into something more astronomical. Each of her paintings are an… Read More

Daily Pontification

In Defense of Architecture

By On April 1, 2015

In the late 1990’s industrial designer Duncan Jackson fell in love with the Napoleonic defense towers built in the early 19th century, enamored by their history and the intricate and durable brickwork… Read More

The Design Drawer

At Home With Vacation Days

By On January 24, 2014

“California has embraced nature. Or it’s just so beaten by it that it surrendered with a smile on its face. That open invitation to live with nature was another big inspiration for… Read More

The Design Drawer

Perfectly Palm Springs: Modernism Week 2013

By On February 13, 2013

I’m joining an amazing team of Instagram-loving bloggers this weekend in Palm Springs for Modernism Week, including Alissa Walker (Dwell, Fast Company, GOOD, Wired), Angela Elias of CasaSugar, Bobby Solomon of The… Read More

Daily Pontification

Another Dimension: Paper Infographics by Pattern Matters

By On May 2, 2012

Singapore design team, Pattern Matters, just upped the ante in the realm of infographics with these dimensional pieces carefully crafted using Adobe Illustrator to plan things out and good ole construction paper,… Read More