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Trails and Tribulations

Trails and Tribulations

The Great Mushroom Bloom of Winter 2016/17

By On January 15, 2017

It’s been many years since we’ve seen a mushroom discovery and foraging season like this one, an unexpectedly wet La Niña winter that has made up for last year’s vastly disappointing and… Read More

Trails and Tribulations

Amongst the Oaks of Hondo Canyon Trail

By On February 21, 2016

We were hoping the recent rainstorm had dumped enough precipitation to awaken the mycelium to fruit along the Hondo Trail in Topanga Canyon this weekend (a very pleasant incline hike that takes… Read More


An Earthen Awakening

By On December 8, 2014

We hiked this weekend lured by the smell of damp soil after the epic Southern California rainstorms, hoping to find fruiting chanterelles. We didn’t find those golden Cantharellus californicus in my secret… Read More

Daily Pontification

In His Footsteps

By On August 28, 2014

My father was an avid runner for most of his life. During his lifetime our Venn diagram of activities never quite overlapped, as I avoided running regardless of incentive or threat. Alone… Read More

Daily Pontification

A Problem vs. a Predicament: A Proposal to Un-Design the World

By On May 14, 2014

Yesterday I found myself in a long debate/discussion at our back doorstep with a developer who plans to raze an older duplex next door to shoehorn in five luxury priced condos into… Read More

Daily Pontification

The Deadly Flower That Inspired the
True Detective Theme Song

By On March 30, 2014

What are those beautiful white flowers growing around the trails of Southern California? If you’ve been hiking in the foothills, chaparrals, or even just around Griffith Park this spring, you’ve probably noted… Read More

Trails and Tribulations

The North Face White Label Collection Korea

By On March 27, 2014

As anyone who hikes regularly here in Southern California and elsewhere knows: Koreans love to hike. Middle-aged Koreans are often seen offloading from giant chartered busses in multitudes normally reserved for Sunday… Read More

Daily Pontification

A Fold In Space and Time: Red Rock Canyon State Park

By On March 23, 2014

“Want to be a writer? A poet? A painter? Want to indulge in any of the fine arts? If so, go to Red Rock canyon.” – Bakersfield Californian/1920 Motivated by the previous… Read More

Trails and Tribulations

The Wildflowers of Saddleback Butte State Park

By On March 15, 2014

I have Zach Behrens of KCET to thank for the heads up about the floral carpet bombing of yellow coreopsis blooming at Saddleback Butte State Park right now. It’s as if a… Read More

Trails and Tribulations

The Gabrieleno Trail – Red Box to Valley Forge Camp

By On February 9, 2014

Read More