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Daily Pontification

The Hands of Grand Central Market

By On February 7, 2015

I found myself most drawn not to the newest arrivals in Grand Central Market (though I wholeheartedly welcome their arrival), but those with hands and faces which seemed to match the history… Read More

Daily Pontification

Elation for Precipitation

By On January 30, 2015

Opening the kitchen window, I could feel raindrops hitting my skin with the force of a typewriter’s typebar striking paper – pitter-PAT-punctuation – the air smelling strongly of petrichor, the percussion of… Read More

Daily Pontification

Dream Stream: Mision (Canu Remix) – Sobrenadar

By On December 31, 2014

Paula Garcia and Javier Medialdea making beautiful music together as Sobrenadar.… Read More

Daily Pontification

An Arousal of Sensation

By On September 7, 2014

Artist Dawn Scarfe’s Listening Glasses sculptural installation invites an invitation to set aside passive hearing for active listening. The sounds captured are hauntingly dreamlike.… Read More


With a Rebel Yawn He Cried, “Meow Meow Meow”

By On August 9, 2012

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GCH 2014-01-24 at 1.28.02 AM

A Microcosm of Colour Inspiration After the Rain

By On March 1, 2012

A sweeping calm and joy welled up while watching this video put together by Aussie photographer, Steve Axford. Lichen, fungi, molds…all emerging from the forest bed after the rain. The cycle and… Read More

Daily Pontification

The Anatomy of a Cupcake

By On February 24, 2012

For her birthday this year, Lesleigh, her family, and several other friends took a trip to Fiji. Having just moved back to the US a few months before, Sarah and I were,… Read More

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Daily Pontification

A Cheeky Little Number

By On February 7, 2012

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this little strip tease. French Moroccan model and footballer scandal lass, Zahia Deharand, doing what she does in front of a giant black… Read More


Raw Meat!

By On December 14, 2011

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Retrodoll: Wood

By On December 5, 2011

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