A Microcosm of Colour Inspiration After the Rain

By March 1, 2012 Miscellaneous


A sweeping calm and joy welled up while watching this video put together by Aussie photographer, Steve Axford. Lichen, fungi, molds…all emerging from the forest bed after the rain. The cycle and pageantry of spore-based life never ceases to amaze…fascinating for the sheer diversity which springs forth from a subterranean microcosmic nursery, if only for a few days to shed another generation of spores.

Even if you’re prone to avoid nature, any designer worth their weight in colour swatches will realize there are countless colour inspirations to be noted here. Nature is one bold decorator (fierce, even), regularly choosing the most outlandish and bright colour combinations to embellish, and any person in the creative field would do well to learn from the master herself.



Images: Steve Axford

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