Man, Dig Those Crazy Los Angeles Postcards

By February 3, 2016 Daily Pontification

Over at AHBE Lab, landscape architect Gary Lai documents the history and current commuter’s quagmire known as the Los Angeles freeway system. In the process of researching and editing Gary’s piece, I discovered a series of vintage postcards circa 1950s-1960s  showing aerial photographs of LA’s ribbon bow freeway interchanges, accompanied with smarmy vintage era catchlines: “Man, Dig Those Crazy Los Angeles Freeways”, “Dig Those Crazy Freeways’, and finally the succinct, “Dig Those Freeways” (the postcards can additionally be appreciated as snapshots of slang’s progression…or postcard makers cost cutting measures).


In any case, check out these crazy Los Angeles Freeways below…can you dig?

816_001 LAFreeways2 0 IMG

On a related note, if one was to suppose a freeway system could be beautiful from an aesthetic (and aerial) perspective, I’d risk noting the Turbine Interchange in Dubai is a dizzying sight to behold…if not also a travesty considering its landscaped-in-a-desert greenery:

Turbine Interchange in the UAE


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