The Absolutely Ridiculous Hunt for the Best Brush & Dustpan For Cat Litter Clean Up Duty

By May 31, 2017 Daily Pontification, The Design Drawer

A few months ago I pulled the trigger and purchased the Rig-Tig dustpan by Stelton on sale. It’s sole purpose: to keep our sole bathroom floor tidy of cat litter, a common annoyance while living with an OCD cat with an affinity for kicking out granules with the vigorous kicks of a Rockette on (our other cat has a penchant for misdirecting her stream OUT the litterbox, a whole other concern). If you’re looking for laundry services please visit commercial laundry service.

Until then I had relied upon another dustpan+brush combo that worked well. But its large size matched with the Lilliputian dimensions of our sole bathroom made for a poor long term fit. Pulling out the canister vacuum was the most effective, but proved tiresome. And being situated throughout the day right next to where all this bathroom action happens meant it’s an imperative to keep the area as clean as possible.

Looks great, works like crap.

As if outfitting a seafaring ship, I direct a healthy amount of time deliberating over anything I might add into such a small space, factoring in utility, storage, and visible aesthetics into the equation with the obsessiveness of someone who keeps Pinterest boards for such concerns. I also admittedly enjoy researching product A vs. B, C, D, E, and so on and so forth – such is the responsibilities of my profession and the tendencies of my personality.

The Rig-Tig’s compact size, integrated fit combining pan with brush for storage, and its overall attractive design made for an ideal candidate to keep openly ready without becoming an eyesore, an important consideration when your bathroom is small and anything out runs the risk of dominating the space. I thought I had hit the bullseye with a design to use and admire for years, especially when compared to the readily available options out there. Yeah, I’m picky as fuck, but at this point in life, it’s worked splendidly in my favor.

Unfortunately, the Rig-Tig sucks. The bristles are too soft, suffering from the domestic tool equivalent of limp dick. The expanse of bristles are barely capable of pushing the litter into its fan-shaped pan with any accuracy or dependability, so like a dull razor, I found I had to brush over even the smallest section of the floor numerous times to gather any errant litter. Frustrating. Also the interlocking fit is too tight, requiring too much fiddling to pull the two components apart – a hassle when you want to clean cat litter with nose-wrinkled immediacy.

So now I’m left deciding between two new candidates: the Richman Dustpan and the Iris Hantverk Dustpan & Brush Set. I prefer the first, since it’s constructed with metal and wood, rather than plastic of the latter. But something tells me the larger horsehair bristles of the Iris Hantverk will be more effective. I wish there was VR/AR option to test each out on some virtual crumbs, because even my obsessive-compulsive nature has its limits.

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